Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz - Curriculum Vitae


1971 - Abramowitz-Zeitlin Award for a series of articles on contemporary Jewry

1986 - Marcus Katz Award, awarded by Israel's President

1988 - Israel Prize for the Steinsaltz edition of the Talmud

1991 - Honorary Ph.D., Yeshiva University

             Medal of Honor, the Prime Minister of Italy

1994 - Paris Mayor's Medal

             Membership, the Order of Art and Literature of the French Ministry of Culture

1995 - Honorary Ph.D., Ben Gurion University

             Appointment as Duchovny Ravin - Spiritual Leader of Soviet Jewry

1996 - Honorary Ph.D., Bar Ilan University

1999 - Honorary Ph.D., Brandeis University

2002 - Zalman Shazar Memorial Prize

2005 - Honorary Ph.D., Florida International University

Academic and Other Appointments

1975 - Founding Member and Board Member, Pardes Institute

1976 - Research Fellow, Yale University (Divinity School)

1977 - Board Member, Gesher

1980 - Member of the Committee for Curriculum Planning for State Schools, the Israel

             Ministry of Education

1981 - Terry Lectures, Yale University

1982 - Scholar-in-Residence, Princeton University Institute for Advanced Studies

1987 - Global Forum for Spiritual and Religious Leaders, Oxford University

1988 - Guest Lecturer, Space Research Department of the Soviet Academy of Sciences

1988 - Guest Lecturer, Oxford University

1989 - Chairman of the Board, Jewish University of St. Petersburg

1990 - Scholar-in-Residence, The Woodrow Wilson Center

1993 - Guest Lecturer, Melbourne University

1994 - Guest Lecturer, Sorbonne University

1996 - Guest Lecturer at the Academies and Universities of Beijing, Shanghai, and

             Nanjing, the People's Republic of China

1997 - Thanksgiving World Advisor, Center for World Thanksgiving

1997-2005 - Board Member, the Joint Distribution Committee

1998 - Professor, the Institute for Mediterranean Studies at the University of Lugano

1999 - Guest Lecturer, Capetown University

2000 - Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders at the

             United Nations

2001-2005 - Senior Research Scholar, Center for the Study of Science and Religion at

                      Columbia University

2004 - World Symposium of Catholic Cardinals and Jewish Leaders

2007- Visiting Scholar, Center for the Study of Science and Religion, Columbia University


Institutions Founded

1965 - The Israel Institute for Talmudic Publications

1975 - Shefa Institute

1984 - The Mekor Haim Educational Institutions, Jerusalem

1988 - The Aleph Society (NY, London, Melbourne, and Israel)

1989 - Lamed: The National Jewish Teachers' Organization in the CIS

1990 - The Free Jewish University in Moscow

1994 - Institute for Jewish Leadership Training in the CIS

1999 - Yeshivat Hesder, Tekoa


Selected Publications

In addition to the books listed below, Rabbi Steinsaltz has published over 600 articles from 1956 to the present, on a great variety of topics, including: Bible and Talmud studies, Jewish mysticism, science, Torah and science, art literature, zoology, sociology, education, psychology, politics, philosophy, social behaviors, science fiction, and many others. Many of his books and articles have been translated into other languages, including Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Georgian, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.










The Babylonian Talmud, vocalized, punctuated, and translated, with commentary


Hebrew (Koren Publishers, Jerusalem)


45 volumes (the entire Talmud)


Small format ("pocket") edition: Volumes issued in pace with large edition





The Vilna-Steinsaltz Edition of the Talmud: The traditional Vilna Talmud pages on one side of the page, and the special features of the Steinsaltz Talmud on the other Volumes issued in pace with the Babylonian Talmud





The Talmud - The Steinsaltz Edition


English (Random House, NY, 1989-2000)


Bava Metzia, Vol. I-VI


Ketubot, Vol. I-VI


Ta'anit, Vol. I-II (the entire tractate)


Sanhedrin, Vol. I-VII





The Talmud - The Steinsaltz Edition


French (Ramsay, Paris); volumes to date: 20


Bava Metzia, Vol. I-IV


Brachot, Vol. I-IV


Ketubot, Vol. I-II




Succah, Vol. I


Sanhedrin, Vol. I-II


Sota, Vol I


(in preparation: Bava Metzia, Vol. V; Succah, Vol. II; Sota, Vol. II; Gittin; Pesachim)





The Talmud - The Steinsaltz Edition


Russian (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)


Bava Metzia




Anthology of Aggadah, Vol. I-II





The Talmud - The Steinsaltz Edition


Spanish (first volume, Brachot I, in preparation)





The Jerusalem Talmud, vocalized, punctuated, and translated, with commentary


Hebrew (Milta Books, Jerusalem)


Tractate Pe'ah (available also in small format)





The Talmud - The Steinsaltz Edition: A Reference Guide


English (Random House, NY; both hard- and soft-cover editions) 1989


French (Ramsay, Paris) 1994


Hebrew (Keter Publications, Jerusalem) 1984


Russian (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) 1993


Spanish (in preparation)





The Essential Talmud


English (Basic Books, NY, 1976, reprinted by Jason Aronson, NJ), Thirtieth Anniversary Edition, 2006 


French (Albin Michel, Paris) 1987


German (Morascha, Switzerland) 1995


Hebrew (Domino Books, Jerusalem) 1977


Italian (La Giuntina, Florence) 2000


Portuguese (A. Koogan, Rio de Janeiro) 1989


Russian (Institute for Jewish Studies in the CIS) 1993


Spanish (Ediciones Aurora, Buenos Aires, Argentina) 1995


Swedish (Bokfrlaget Nya Doxa, Stockholm) 1996





Treasures of the Talmud (General editor, Serguei Averintsev)


Russian (Institute for Jewish Studies in the CIS)


Volumes to date: 2





Talmudic Images


English (Jason Aronson, NJ) 1998


German (Morascha, Switzerland) 1996


Hebrew (Misrad Habitachon, Tel Aviv) 1987


Russian (Institute for Jewish Studies in the CIS) 1996






Jewish Mysticism





Initials and Abbreviations in Chasidic and Kabbalistic Literature


Hebrew (Sifriyati, Tel Aviv) 1968





Sefer HaKen (Editor), marking 150 years since the demise of Rabbi Scheur Zalman of Lyady


Hebrew (Kiryat Sefer Publications, Israel) 1969





The Rebbe: Thirty Years of Presidency (Co-editor: Rabbi Hanoch Glitzenstein)


Hebrew (Kfar Habad) 1980





The Long Shorter Way: Discourses on Chasidic Thought (Editor and translator: Yehuda Hanegbi)


English (Jason Aronson, NJ) 1988





The Sustaining Utterance: Discourses on Chasidic Thought (Editor and translator: Yehuda Hanegbi


English (Jason Aronson, NJ) 1989


Russian (Institute for Jewish Studies in the CIS) 1996


Portugese (Maayanot) 2009





The Thirteen Petalled Rose


Dutch (Uitgevrej Karnak, Amsterdam) 1983


English (Basic Books, 1980; reprinted by Jason Aronson, NY) 2006


French (Albin Michel, Paris) 1989


German (in preparation)


Hebrew (Milta Books, Jerusalem) 1998


Italian (La Giuntina, Florence) 2001


Portuguese (Ma'ayanot, Rio de Janeiro) 1992


Russian (Institute for Jewish Studies in the CIS) 1985, 1989, 1990, 1993





In the Beginning: Discourses on Chasidic Thought (Editor and translator: Yehuda Hanegbi)


English (Jason Aronson, NJ) 1992





The Tales of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav (formerly Beggars and Prayers)


English (Basic Books, 1979; Jason Aronson, NJ) 1993


French (Le Mantre du Prire, Albin Michel, Paris) 1996


Hebrew (Dvir, Tel Aviv) 1981


Russian (Institute for Jewish Studies in the CIS) 1998





The Candle of God: Discourses on Chasidic Thought (Editor and translator: Yehuda Hanegbi)


English (Jason Aronson, NJ) 1999





The Seven Lights: On the Major Jewish Festivals (Co-author: Josy Eisenberg)


English (Jason Aronson, NJ) 2000





Commentary on the Tanya


Hebrew (Milta Books, Jerusalem) 1991 - Present


Vol. I - Chapters 1-12


Vol. II - Chapters 13-26


Vol. III - Chapters 27-37


Vol. IV - Chapters 38-44


Vol. V - Chapters 45-53


Vol. VI - Iggeret Hateshuvah


Vol. VII - Shaar Hayechut V'Ha'emunah


Vols. VIII-X - Iggeret Hakodesh


English (Vol. I - Opening the Tanya: Discovering the Moral and Mystical Teachings of a Classic Work of Kabbalah, Jossey-Bass: Wiley, CA, 2003; Vol. II - Learning From the Tanya: Volume Two in the Definitive Commentary on the Moral and Mystical Teachings of a Classic Work of Kabbalah, Jossey-Bass: Wiley, CA, August 2005; Vol. III - Understanding the Tanya: Volume Three in the Definitive Commentary on a Classic Work of Kabbalah by the World's Foremost Authority. Jossey-Bass: Wiley, CA, 2007; Vol. IV in preparation)


French (in preparation)











Midrash Haggadol on Leviticus (by Rabbi David bar Amram Ha'Adani; from manuscripts, with introduction, textual variants, and comments)


Hebrew (Mossad HaRav Kook, Jerusalem) 1976





Biblical Commentary in Medieval Responsa


Hebrew (Keter Publications, Jerusalem) 1978





Tractate Sefer Torah


Hebrew (Milta Books, Jerusalem) 1984





Les 5 Meguillot, with illustrations by Yitzhak Tordjman


French and English (ERF, Paris) 1990





Biblical Images


English (Basic Books), Expanded new version (Jason Aronson, NJ) 1994


French (Menorah, Paris) 1990


German (Morascha, Switzerland) 1996


Hebrew (Misrad Habitachon) in two volumes: Men of the Bible and Women of the Bible, 1984


Japanese (Tuttle Mori) 1984


Russian (Institute for Jewish Studies in the CIS) 1995





La Femme Vaillante (The Woman of Valor), with drawings by Yitzhak Tordjman


English (Martte, Paris) 1994


French (Martte, Paris) 1993


Hebrew (in preparation)





Tehillim (Psalms)


Hebrew (Milta, Jerusalem) 2005


English (Milta, Jerusalem) 2005






Jewish Thought and Practice





Reshafim Periodical


Hebrew, 1956-1963







Hebrew (The Israel Government School of Tourism) 1966/1982





The Passover Haggadah


Hebrew (Carta, Jerusalem) 1979/1998


English (Carta, Jerusalem) 1983; new edition in preparation





Pete HaDorot


Hebrew (Kfar Habad) 1983





Teshuvah: A Guide for the Newly Observant Jew


English (Macmillan - The Free Press) 1987


French (Albin Michel, Paris)


Hebrew (Domino Press, Jerusalem) 1982


Portuguese (Ma'ayanot, Rio de Janeiro) 1994





The Sociology of Ignorance (Co-author: Amos Funkenstein)


Hebrew (Misrad Habitachon, Tel Aviv) 1988


Russian (Institute for Jewish Studies in the CIS) 1997





The Strife of the Spirit: A Collection of Essays


English (Jason Aronson, NJ) 1988


Portuguese (in preparation)





Le Chandelier d'Or


French (Martte, Paris; edited and translated by Rabbi Josy Eisenberg) 1993


English (The Lamp of God, Jason Aronson, NJ) 2000