British Friends of Rabbi Steinsaltz

British Friends of Rabbi Steinsaltz

British Friends of Rabbi Steinsaltz (BFRS) works to spread the Rabbi's message of Jewish unity and coexistence through the United Kingdom. The teachings of Rabbi Steinsaltz serve as an educational springboard to encourage people from across the spectrum of British Jewry to deepen their connection to Jewish life and heritage. In addition, BFRS promotes awareness of the Rabbi's vital work throughout the world and raises funds for his educational institutions in Israel and the former Soviet Union.

BFRS coordinates the Steinsaltz Book Club to make the works of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz accessible to the residents of the UK. They oversee the local promotion and sales of the Steinsaltz Edition of the Talmud, both in English and in Hebrew, along with the numerous other books the Rabbi has published on Jewish thought and observance.

Rabbi Steinsaltz remains personally involved in the organization, traveling to the UK several times a year to visit different communities and participate in programs like Jewish Book Week and the Jewish Association for Business Ethics. He has also spoken at academic institutions throughout the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

The highlight of BFRS programming is the annual tribute dinner, at which Rabbi Steinsaltz engages in a public dialogue with a prominent figure from intellectual or civic life. The dinner provides the British Friends of Rabbi Steinsaltz with the unique opportunity to experience first-hand the Rabbi's unparalleled wisdom and ability to develop insight from all scholarly disciplines.

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