The Talmud, The Steinsaltz Edition: A Reference Guide

The Talmud, The Steinsaltz Edition: A Reference GuideNovember 01, 1989

Despite its apparent complexity, the Talmud has clear and precise rules by which it operates. In this comprehensive Reference Guide, Rabbi Steinsaltz provides the essential guidelines for Talmud study. He also describes the historical background of the Talmudic period and the genius of the sages whose wisdom radiates from every page. The structure of the Talmud, its language, and its inner logic are carefully explained. Appendixes on Talmudic weights and measures, a key to abbreviations, and a general index complete this invaluable volume.

Readers will find that the Reference Guide is not only indispensable for understanding the Talmud, but also provides a fascinating journey to the very foundations of Jewish culture.


Excerpts from the Reference Guide can be found in the "Background on Talmud" section of

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